a timeless

The brand Genny was founded in 1962 by the entrepreneur Arnaldo Girombelli: in the beginning the name identifies a production of handmade skirts and blouses, which were sold only in his boutique in the center of Ancona (a little Italian town).

The collection obtains fame among the well-to-do women, so the brand had to be more structured: in 1976 Donatella Ronchi comes to coordinate it and a few years later becomes wife of Girombelli.

The first plant rises in 1968. Another year that marks a historic moment in the life of the brand is 1973, when a young Gianni Versace - destined to enter the Olympus of Italian fashion - becomes Genny’s fashion designer. Several talented ones will take turns in the decades to follow: Claude Montana, Keith Varty, Alan Cleaver, Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Lacroix, Rebecca Moses, John Bartlett, Richard Tyler and Josephus Thimister. The company becomes a holding, stressing more its international character. With her husband's death, Donatella Girombelli takes the leadership of the brand, following also the evolution in style.

From the Sixties to today, taste for fashion is constantly changing, but Genny can interpret it, maintaining its basic ideas: extreme femininity, precision in tailoring and high quality products. Since 2011 the brand belongs to the Veronese group Swinger International, while the art direction is entrusted to Sara Cavazza Facchini.

Fashion press and bloggers have welcomed with enthusiasm the return of Genny on the catwalk: the brand represents the pride of “Made in Italy”, which has previously conquered the world with beauty and quality and is now back stronger than ever. Genny fashion of the third millennium brings back the refined and sophisticated femininity of the Eighties and Nineties, with the charm of a discreet and never eccentric luxury.