Genny’s style is an ode to sensuality, without rifts or stretches but that is, actually, the translation into clothes of being a woman, strong and effortless at the same time.

Minimalism and maximalism also meet in the combination of the materials: jacquard with animalier graphics, paired with very tall heeled boots.
Maximalism is in the colours: a combination of volumes and a strong palette of tones for Genny Fall Winter 2022.
A kind of beauty, a strong femininity, such that it reminds us of a panther, statuesque yet as fast as the lightning.
Light dictates the pace, with a cascade of rhinestones that wraps dresses and gowns.
Combine white seduction and a glamurous sophisticated style with essential refined lines, simply fashionable. See-through effect sparkles.
Magic sparkles reflecting the glimmer of beauty in the sheen of large sequins.

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